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Best Products for Wash and Go Natural Hair

How to wash and go natural hair (Five (5) Steps)

Best Products for Wash and Go Natural Hair

How to wash and go natural hair

Wash and Go's are unique. Everyone has a different method. I have been natural for over a decade. I have tried MANY products. This process and these products are the ones that work for me every time.

Step 1 : Clarify Your Hair

Before you try a natural hair style that will require a lot of product, you need to make sure it is clear of previous product build up. So grab your favorite clarifying shampoo and get to washin'. Don't worry... there are natural ways to clarify your hair, without stripping it of its natural oils. Here are a few of my favorite plant based clarifying hair cleansers.

Step 2 : Deep Conditioner Your Hair

This simple step does not need to be long and drawn out. I usually prefer my DIY Conditioner, but since this process requires heavier products for styling, I stick with a pre made mix. My absolute favorite formula that does the job ALL buy itself is Mielle Organics Deep Conditioner. You will thank me later LOL.

Step 3 : Apply a Light Moisturizing Oil

OK girl, don't be heavy handed with this. You want to squeeze about a half dollar amount for each section of your hair. Rub it in with the prayer hands method. I part my hair in four (4) sections, and apply the oil in this way for every section. My favorite oil for years has been basic jojoba oil.

Step 4 : Use a Light Leave-In Conditioner

I suggest a light leave-in conditioner because you want the product to penetrate the hair shaft well. You want it to penetrate fast. The heavier the leave-in... the longer you need to wait before applying the gel. If not, you will be slinging thick drops of white product all over your bathroom LOL. Trust me I KNOW! This is a wash-and-go, so we want to be done in at least 45minutes. In natural hair world...that's FAST. If you know know 😉. I have tried many leave-ins, these are the ones that I like.

Step 5 : Finally Apply the Gel

Finally, you are ready to apply the gel. You might be tired LOL, but stay with me. DO NOT just slap gel on your hair. You need to part off separate sections within a big section and apply the gel with the prayer hands method. Work it into your curls and when they pop...move on to the next section. I do this for ALL four (4) of my big sections. This method will help your wash and go stay moisturized and last longer. My favorite gel is Camille Rose Curl Maker. Period. My hair does not dry out. It is heavy... so it might get a sticky feel, but no worries ..that is just the glycerin in the product doing its job. You did it! Everyone's hair is different, so take your time and pay attention to how your hair responds to products. Tweak as needed. Leave a comment and let me know how yours went.

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