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Affordable Natural Hair Styling Tools : My Favorites for Easy Styling

Essential Natural Haircare Products

Affordable Natural Hair Styling Tools : My Favorite for Easy Styling

Essential Natural Haircare Products

Styling your beautiful natural hair is a privilege. After all, no one has your EXACT texture. Your natural hair kinks and coils are to be "treated" not dealt with. Having this approach to styling your natural hair means that you will purchase the necessary products and hair tools to style with ease and excitement. After this natural hair vlog will dream about the infamous "wash day."

What Type of Tools Are We Talking?

Styling natural hair is unique. Honestly, you can just wear an Afro and be done. However, if you are like enjoy variety. Variety involves manipulating your texture to fit into a mold. I know these are some strong words but hear me out...I am only talking about braiding and twisting styles. In order to get these styles done in a timely fashion with little to no damage to your curls, you will need a few natural haircare essentials. Your end result will be a fresh and moisturized braid out, or twist out.

Misting Spray Bottle

This is a good tool to have, because after you wash and condition your hair it immediately starts the drying process. Natural hair loves water and it absorbs it rather fast. I like to have a misting spray bottle on hand for the sections of my hair that get dryer while I am working on a different section. It is good practice to only style natural hair that is in a moisture rich is more flexible this way.

Clips to Section Off Hair

No matter how long my hair gets...I am always sectioning may hair in fours. Funny, because I believe that every section of my hair has a different curl pattern LOL. Sectioning off my hair helps to me to detangle with patience. It also helps me to avoid snagging hair strands from other sections while detangling.

Natural Hair "Friendly Combs & Brushes"

Girl!...DO NOT pull and snag on your hair with sharp teeth combs or hard bristle brushes. Use a brush and comb that are gentle and have smooth edge teeth. There are many brush/comb combinations to choose from. I like to have at least (3) on hand. You only need one (1) ..I am am just a little extra 😁.

Happy natural haircare styling! These are just a few of many tools you can use. I like to give the best choices with the least confusion.

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