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3 Natural Hair Myths That Slow

Down Your Hair Growth

Just because you saw it online...doesn't mean it's right

3 Natural Hair Myths That Slow

Down Your Hair Growth

Just because you saw it online...doesn't mean it's right

If you're reading're probably already wearing your natural hair. You might even be wondering if you're currently believing one of these three (3) myths. So let's get into it.

Myth No.1 : You Need a TON of Products to Maintain Your Natural Texture

Nope. You need the same things you needed before you went natural. A good shampoo (hair cleanser)...a great deep conditioner (infuse moisture into your strands)...a leave in product to refresh hair moisture oil infused with herbs to nourish your scalp and...a heat protectant if you style your hair with heat.

I know that it is fun to try different products...but really you only have one head of hair. Instead of buying different brands of attention to which ones feed your hair and stay stocked up on those products. Your hair is a part of your body. I am sure you use the same toothpaste...lotion...and body wash when you shop for them. Your hair doesn't need to be any different. Switching up products ALL the time could aggravate your hair growth pattern.

Myth No.2 : You Don't Need to Get Your Natural Hair Trimmed..."just dust your ends"

Please don't fall for this. Even plants thrive on removing dead foliage. Your hair is no different. Hanging on to dead ends because you don't want to cut your length is actually going to make your hair shorter. If you put off cutting dead ends...your ends will split upwards. By the time you finally decide to professionally trim your hair...ALL that length you thought you had...will have to be cut off to stop the damage of the split ends. It is better to be on a regular trimming schedule with a professional cosmetologist to make sure you can hold on to ALL of your new growth. Your growth will be consistent and progressive...if you stick to a regular trimming schedule.

Myth No.3 : YouTubers Are a Replacement for Your Long Time Professional Hairstylist

True...their are some professional cosmetologist to learn from on YouTube...However...there are FAR more self-made natural hair gurus. Just remember this...your cosmetologist is a professional that has been nurturing your hair before the natural hair YouTube fame. You may not need the chemical services...but you need their regular (quarterly) visits for quality care and health. They know far more about the science and structure of your hair than a guru that has NEVER seen you and possibly doesn't even know that your hair exist. Just saying....stay balanced.

Your turn! What are some things that you consider natural hair myths. I wanna know!

keep reading | keep writing | keep learning-Monique

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