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DIY : Marley Twist on Natural Hair | Easy Protective Style

Marley Twist Braiding Hair

DIY : Marley Twist on Natural Hair | Easy Protective Style​

Marley Twist Braiding Hair

How many times have you purchased marley twist braiding hair and let it sit around because you never found the time to do the marley twist on your hair? After this blog, you will be motivated to DIY your marley twist, and use that braiding hair to create a brand new look. If your not motivated... that's ok, because at least you will know my process.

Purchasing the Right Hair 

Half the battle of doing your marley twist is finding the right brand of marley hair. Usually, I go buy my hair from my local beauty supply store, but at the time of writing this natural hair blog post we are living in a pandemic, and making a trip to the hair store is not my priority. Therefore, I visited my online shopping go-to...AMAZON. I searched marley hair. There were two main vendors and I picked the Roktress vendor. I will link it below. Now to my surprise, the 6 packs of hair are very affordable and you get quite a bit of hair. The cool part is that they roll up the packages of hair to fit in the package of (6). So when you receive it, it is very light weight. The Roktress marley hair was quality. it was the proper length and it did not tangle easily. I suggest 18" inch hair. There was a slight factory smell, but I am going to tell you how to get rid of that.

Cleaning the Marley Hair Before Using It

I always clean my hair extensions before I put them on my head. In this case I use a bucket that is has enough space for the hair to fit into so that it can soak evenly. I put about a (1) cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of clarifying shampoo in the bucket and then add enough water to cover the hair that I add to the bucket. I let it sit for at least (2) hours. I can usually fit about (3) three packs of hair into the bucket at a time. I do medium twist, so I usually use 5 packs of hair. This helps to remove the factory smell from the hair. People say that it takes a certain film off of the hair. It seems like that is true.

Conditioning the Marley Hair

After I drain the shampoo and vinegar water off of the hair, I rinse off any remaining product from the marley hair. After that, I cover the hair with water and I add a 1/2 cup of conditioner to the hair. I massage the conditioner to distribute it equally on the hair. I let that sit for (8) hours, or overnight. This process seems to give the hair a soft feel and a better smell. That is my experience. For the conditioner soaking, I will go ahead and stuff all of the hair in the bucket. After the (8) hours, I drain the conditioner off the hair and rinse off any remaining conditioner. I squeeze out the water from the hair and I lay it out on a towel to dry. The next day I am ready to start doing my DIY marley hair.

Doing the Marley Twist on Natural Hair 

The method I use to DIY my marley twist is the braid first method. I braid the two strands of marley hair into my hair and I braid down 4-5 times and then split my natural hair in two and began to twist. I twist down keeping a nice grip on the twisting. That's it. I twist until the end. After I finish all of my hair...I dip the ends in hot water. You can simply use an electric kettle to heat your water or warm up the water in a pot on the stove. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials showing this being done. There you have it...your own DIY marley twist. My complete process. Let me know if you try any of my marley twist methods in the comments below.

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