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LCO vs LOC Method : How to Seal in Moisture for Dry Natural Hair

Best method for moisture sealing natural hair

LCO vs LOC Method : How to Seal in Moisture for Dry Natural Hair

Best method for moisture sealing natural hair

I think that talking about moisture and natural hair is always necessary. This is how we feed our hair and keep it healthy and happy. When you take the time to moisturize your hair, you want the moisture to last. That is where LCO vs LOC method comes into the natural hair conversation.

What does LCO and LOC Stand For?

LCO is short for Liquid Cream and Oil. These are the three product formulations that help to moisturize natural hair. This is a term that became popular along with the natural hair boom that began around 2009-2010. A decade in the making, and LCO and LOC are moisturizing methods for maintaining healthy afro textured hair.

In order to implement this method on your hair, you will need three products that fit the formulations. Liquid : This would be a product that is labeled a leave in conditioner and has a lotion like consistency (you could use water and aloe juice). Cream : This would be a product that is labeled a butter or cream and has a creamy thick consistency. Marketing to natural hair consumers means that these trigger words are used on the label of the make it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Oil : This is exactly what it says. You get to pick your favorite hair oil to put in this category. Oils are see through with a consistency a little thicker than water.

The LCO Method

Simply put, LCO is when you moisturize your natural hair by using a leave in conditioner first...a cream moisturizer second...and an oil to seal in the moisture from the leave in and the cream. After you do this, you observe how long your hair stays moisturized. If your hair feels dry and empty the next morning...this is NOT the method you want to use. It is time to try method two : LOC.

The LOC Method

This is when you switch up the process because you find that the moisture is escaping from your hair to fast with the LCO method. LOC means that you use liquid first...oil second...and cream last. The cream seals in the moisture from the liquid and oil. I think it is necessary to try both methods so that you can "really" learn your hair. You can watch videos and read blogs all day...but the best authority on your hair health is YOUR hair actual hair. It will tell you what it loves.

Most Organic Products for LCO vs LOC

My Favorite Method and Resources

I am a fan of the LOC : Liquid Oil and Cream method. Now your turn...Which method seals in moisture to your hair?

There have been a ton of videos produced to help afro textured naturals maintain the health of their coils. Green Beauty Channel on YouTube has a wonderful explanation of LCO vs LOC with live demos. Enjoy : LCO -vs- LOC which method is best for your hair type, and why? | Natural Hair - YouTube

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