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How to Do the Big Chop Yourself

Is the Big Chop a Shock?

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How to Do the Big Chop Yourself

Is the Big Chop a Shock?

Making the Decision

You did it! You cut off your chemical curl relaxer. You could feel free and excited about the possibilities, or maybe you feel like your hair needs some clothes LOL. Hopefully you got that joke! Either way you enjoy others sharing their story so here is mine.

I decided to let my chemical curl relaxer grow out for about 6 months. I cut a little chunk off in the back bottom corner of my hair. I put some water on that section and guess what ? A curl appeared. A little spiral curl. But I was not brave enough for my complete mane to be cut low to my scalp. After all, I have had medium length thick hair my entire life. But after enough YouTube videos I was like…”Where are the scissors ? “ I was READY!

I cut the first section and my eyes expanded as I looked in the mirror. I got excited. I ran my hand through the thick and tight afro curls. I had never had my hair this short. I kept cutting. It felt like I was cutting off life experiences. I felt the air hit my scalp and that feeling was great. As I continued to cut my hair, I had a huge smile of amazement on my face. I finished and I had a completely new look!

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." - Coco Chanel

How It Felt

So there I was with a mini afro. Cool! My friends and family were also curious to see what would come of my new style. I was so enthusiastic about my own personal journey that I would share my discoveries with others. Sometimes whether they were interested or not. LOL. It began to gain some length. It was healthy and thick. At this point I didn’t need to shout it from the mountain tops.

My friends and family begin asking me questions that I was more than happy to answer ! My grandfather always said you have to love yourself before you can expect others to love you. Well in this case my love for my hair shined through. Others wanted tips on how to ditch their chemical curl relaxer and experience their natural born hair texture!

Enjoy the process. Be patient and avoid comparisons. Love your natural texture, and the right people will appreciate your journey !

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