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Having Afro Textured Natural Hair in France : Interview with Julie

The Journey of Curls in France

Having Afro Textured Natural Hair in France : Interview with Julie

The Journey of Curls in France

Wearing your natural curl pattern can be very interesting in a world where standards of beauty often require manipulation of a natural born feature. In this blog, the natural born attribute we are discussing is afro textured hair. I teamed up with a natural influencer on Instagram. Her hair is an organic favorite online. She is a French native. I was interested in knowing the story behind the picture. Read along as I interview Julie from (thecurlyj) on Instagram.

What was your first encounter with the natural hair community online?

Carob Cocoa CEO (Monique) : I picked this question first because natural hair has become a huge influence online. There are products that thrive off women that buy these products to care for their coils. I'm always interested in other naturals first encounter with the natural hair community. So go ahead Julie...tell us about yours.

Julie (TheCurlyJ) : The first encounter with the natural hair community online was really good. The only weird part is that I’m French so I started my natural hair Instagram without telling anyone. I was posting in English so that no one from France would recognize me. To be honest that’s crazy to say but I might say that I was scared that people could judge me whereas it’s all about appreciating your own hair.

And then, a lot of people starting following me and I talked with curly girls about natural hair and embracing your hair texture everyone were so kind and lovely and they even said that they were inspired from me! To me it was at this moment that I knew that all I wanted to do is to help other girls to appreciate their own hair, their own texture and stop being ashamed of their natural hair because that’s what make them beautiful.

My older sister was the 1st one who helped me to appreciate my hair because she did a big shop and when I saw her little curls I directly wanted to do the same and that’s at this moment that I just chopped my hair off and I started my natural hair journey 4/5 years ago. That was the best choice because now I 100% embrace my natural hair.

Carob Cocoa CEO (Monique) : I love this. It is so true that once you know that you are inspiring people...the journey becomes real and you become dedicated to your content creation purpose. Kudos to your sister for being your inspiration.

Were you always natural -or-did you stop getting relaxers to grow out your afro texture?

Julie (TheCurlyJ) : No, I wasn’t always natural. I got a relaxer in high school because I was ashamed of my hair. Every kids made fun of my big relaxed hair and I started feeling so discriminated.

I was excited to join the natural hair community when I saw my sister big chop, saw the little curls growing back and then I realized that I wanted to do the same. I never wore wigs or braids I always wear my little fro out. My favorite thing to do was wash & go because my curls were so defined. Do not relax your hair. Start embracing your natural hair please it’s very important.

Carob Cocoa CEO (Monique) : Kids can be cruel. It is known that people have a tendency to make fun of what they do not understand. This is why natural hair becoming main stream was a big deal. Finally, people could learn about the various textures and curls that exist in an afro.

What are a few interesting comments others make about your natural hair?

Julie (The Curly J) : Normally, I have nice and kind comments but one day someone told me I had a wig. I was telling them that that’s real hair but this girl couldn’t believe me so it was so awkward but that made me laugh so much. I also heard one time that curly and afro hair aren’t professional what a lie. Do not let anyone telling you that your natural hair isn’t professional!

Carob Cocoa CEO (Monique) : I am glad you could laugh at that person that couldn't believe that your hair was from your scalp. I think people think that natural hair isn't professional...because they are not used to seeing it. As more women begin to wear their natural born afro textures...the more normal it will become.

What is your favorite deep conditioner and why do you like it so much?

Julie (The Curly J) : My favorite deep conditioner is the Shea Moisture raw shea butter deep treatment mask. This is my favorite because it protect my curls from the damage of twisting or braiding and it’s for dry and natural hair and it deeply moisturizes.

By the way, you just have to apply a generously amount of it in your hair and use a wide tooth comb to distribute evenly roots to ends. Leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse hair and go. You can also use it as deep treatment for 30 minutes you have to cover your hair with a plastic bag. After this my hair feel so good, soft and make sure to try it.

Carob Cocoa SEO (Monique) : There you have it reader! Julie's fav with a mini "how to" LOL. I love the raw shea butter line from Shea Moisture. I love the shampoo.

What are a few positive words of encouragement you would tell young girls about their natural hair texture?

Julie (The Curly J) : I would definitely tell her that she is beautiful, curly, wavy, afro, kinky hair is beautiful. All types of hair are beautiful. It’s all about appreciating yourself. It can be hard at first to manage the hair but once you find a good routine it’s going to be alright and you will definitely love your hair and see that it’s versatile. You can do a lot of hairstyles and you will look cute.

Carob Cocoa CEO (Monique) : I love that Julie. Thank you so much for having this natural hair conversation with me. Your perspective and natural hair experience will continue to inspire others!

keep reading | keep writing | keep learning-Monique

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