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How to Make a Deep Conditioner for Natural Kinky Hair?

What is the best deep conditioning hair mask?

How to Make a Deep Conditioner for Natural Kinky Hair?​

What is the best deep conditioning hair mask?

The Product Struggle

We all know the experience. You go to the a hair store, or hair aisle, and pick up a few natural hair products. The bottle is colorful and the marketing is full of positive trigger words. You get home and you wash your hair. You get to the deep conditioner, and apply it. Your hope is for super soft and easy to de-tangle coils. You let the conditioner sit for about half an hour. You can just feel it moisturizing your hair. You wash it out and your hair doesn't feel any different from the feel after the shampoo. That's a problem. 

Why The Conditioner Didn't Work

Honestly, it has to do with the ingredients. They are not all created equal. Unfortunately, as brands grow, sometimes formulas change and the richness of the core ingredients is not as effective. This means that you will have to do some trial and error. Or you can try a combination that I absolutely love! Are you ready? You're not ready? OK ...ok...I hear you. Keep reading.

A Conditioner Mix That Works

Before you use this mixture make sure your hair is C L E A N. So clarify your coils with any clarifying product of your choice (aka) shampoo.

When you go to the store, pick up the following products for this mixture.

  • Aussie Miracle Moist Avocado Conditioner
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Olive Oil ("real") olive oil


  • Next, get a bowl and mix 1 cup to 1 and 1/2 cup of the Aussie Conditioner. It depends on how much hair you have. This is on average how much you will need.
  • Add 1/2 cup of aloe vera juice
  • Add a little over 1/4 cup of olive oil
  • Mix Mix Mix 
  • Stop mixing when you reach a consistency that resembles the conditioner before you added the aloe and olive oil
  • Apply it to your clean hair and really work it into your coils
  • Let it sit with (2) plastic caps and a bonnet for 45 minutes.

The Results

You will not believe how much slip and softness you will feel after you wash it out. If you try this. Comment and let me know your results. I wanna know.

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