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Being a Natural Hair Influencer : The 4c Texture Experience

The Journey of Curls in Washington D.C.

Being a Natural Hair Influencer : The 4c Texture Experience

The Journey of Curls in Washington D.C.

Natural hair is global. Everyone's experience is different depending on the popularity of natural hair in their community. In this blog post, we're virtually going to Washington D.C. to interview Sydney of (sydneymcshan) on Instagram. She is a 4c natural hair Influencer. Her afro textured tresses are beautiful. Enjoy the conversation!

What was your first encounter with the natural hair community online?

Carob Cocoa CEO (Monique) : I picked this question first because natural hair has become a huge influence online. There are hair brands specifically made for Afro textured coils that thrive off women purchasing these products for healthy haircare. I'm always interested in "first encounter" experiences with the natural hair community. So go ahead Sydney...tell us about yours.

Sydney (SydneyMcShan) : My first encounter with the natural hair community online was when I would search YouTube for tutorials on ways to maintain my hair. Unfortunately, there weren't many tutorials for 4C hair. I was grateful for the ones I could find but it started to make me think about how girls with kinky, coily, and coarse textured hair need more representation. This led to my decision into becoming a part of the natural hair community online.

Carob Cocoa CEO (Monique) : This was a very smart move. You saw an open space in the natural hair community and became the content you wanted to see! I love it.

Were you always natural -or-did you stop getting relaxers to grow out your afro texture?

Sydney (SydneyMcshan) : I had relaxed hair for fifteen years before I decided to go natural. I tried transitioning but I did not like how damaged my hair was and how easily the relaxed hair would break off from the healthy, natural roots. My hair looked a mess and I was over it. I walked into the salon and had the hairdresser cut everything off. Doing a big chop was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Carob Cocoa CEO (Monique) : You were like..."just cut it!" LOL...Yes, that line between the relaxed hair and the natural hair is sooo sensitive. Cutting that relaxer part off frees the natural curls from the weight of the chemically treated hair.

What are a few interesting comments others make about your natural hair?

Sydney (SydneyMcShan) :I think the most annoying thing people say about my natural hair is that my afro looks like a bush. I don't think they mean to be offensive but I would rather not have my hair compared to wildlife.

Carob Cocoa CEO (Monique) : Yes...I can definietly see someone saying that...without thinking. As soon as they say it...they are probably like wait..."maybe I shouldn't have said that." A lot of times people use very interesting adjectives to describe what they see in our hair. I've heard sponge...hat...but my favorite was Cheetos...LOL.

What is your favorite deep conditioner...and why do you like it so much?

Sydney (Sydney McShan) : My favorite deep conditioner is anything that contains argan oil. My hair absolutely loves it. I like to use Aztec clay mixed with apple cider vinegar, wash it out, and follow up with a moisture based, argan oil deep conditioner. My hair is always left extremely soft after the treatment.

Carob Cocoa SEO (Monique) : You read it here : argan oil is amazing and Sydney can vouch for it! Your answer is a two for one. A DIY cleanser and an amazing oil choice. I enjoy Aztec clay for hair and skin. I agree that after using definitely need to follow up with a deep moisture treatment.

What are a few positive words of encouragement you would tell young girls about their natural hair texture?

Sydney (SydneyMcShan) : A few positive words of encouragement I would tell young girls about their natural hair texture is that their hair is extraordinary beyond belief. It defies gravity and is incredibly versatile. They can wear it loose and free or adorn it in ribbons and jewels. I would tell them that they do have good hair. As long as it is healthy, their hair is good.

Carob Cocoa CEO (Monique) : That is beautiful Sydney. I know that any female that just read those words feels inspired and encouraged. Thank you for making this interview fun. I know that your content will continue to be a community of afro positivity.


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