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How to Co Wash Natural Hair | 3 Best Conditioners for Co Washing

Co Washing for African American Hair

How to Co Wash Natural Hair | 3 Best Conditioners for Co Washing

Co Washing for African American hair

Co Washing was really popular when it came onto the natural hair scene. It was a new way to nurture afro hair textures. It offered a way to define the curl pattern without using additional products. Of course I tried it. This is what I learned.

It Offers A Lot of Moisture

When you are using the no-poo co washing method, you automatically encourage softness and manageability. The strands are WELL coated with slip induced silicones from your co washing conditioner. It took about four (3) co washing sessions for my hair to reach that wash and go look with out gel. My hair strands became completely wrapped in silicones from the conditioner.

My Wash Day Routine Was Shortened

Yep! When you are co washing your hair, the wash day routine is SIMPLE. You run water through your hair and coat your hair with the necessary amount of co washing conditioner and blot out access water and BOOM ...your done. Foreals.

Which Co Washing Method Was Good for My Hair?

Some textures co wash daily. That was too much for me. That would make my hair very weak. After trial and error, I learned that my hair likes this co washing method listed below. For texture reference watch my video on my homepage of this website  :

  • Day 1 : Clarify my hair and add my co washing conditioner
  • Day 2 : Mist my hair with water bottle mixed with oil water and conditioner (misting did not overwhelm my hair)
  • Day 3 : Wash my hair with conditioner only aka co wash
  • Day 4 : Mist Mist Mist
  • Day 5 : Co Wash 
  • Day 6 : Mist Mist Mist
  • Day 7 : Clarify and start over again

My TOP Three (3) Co Washing Conditioners

The three co washing conditioners I love have a few things in common :

  • They are packaged in large enough ounce bottles that are easy to pump
  • They have moisturizing ingredients listed in the first five (5) ingredients
  • They are affordable and easy to find in any retail store

Remember to comment and let me know how your co washing routine benefited your hair.

keep reading | keep writing | keep learning- Monique

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