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Braid-Out Style vs. Twist-Out Style on Natural Hair | The Pros and Cons

Which Natural Hair Style Do You Prefer?

Which Natural Hair Style Do You Prefer?

I personally prefer braid more to find out why.

Twist-Out Style : The Pros & Cons

So twist-outs are cool. I feel like I always result to twist outs right after my wash and condition process. I think that has to do with the fact that I am tired after my wash day process...sigh. SO twist-outs get a point for speed.

You probably already know this, but when you do a twist on your natural is important for you to make sure that you keep the hair smooth and separated. What do I mean? I mean that, when you split your section of hair to twist you keep those two parts separate all the way down the twist...don't mix the hair by pulling hair from the other side. This helps the twist-out to last longer when you actually unravel the twist. What ends up happening to me after unraveling my that my hair quickly tangles at the root and I end up having an AFRO, that I could have naturally achieved by doing nothing. lol. The longevity is not there for me with the twist-out.

Braid-Out Style : My Preference

A braid out consist of three sections of hair combined to make a sturdy braid in the hair. This can be achieved by sections, so that you end up with a few plats, or a cornrow. A cornrow is three sections of hair attached to the scalp in lines. Typically I can do about 5-6 cornrows on my hair to get a really nicely defined braid-out. Now that we have that covered...we can cover WHY I prefer braid-outs.

Elongation. YEP I said it! LOL...I like my natural hair to reflect its full length. Nothing against my afro...but sometimes I want to see my hair in a different style that shows off just how thick and long it is. With my texture of hair, this is accomplished best with a braid-out. The same rule applies here : braid down the full length of the braid and avoid mixing in hair from the neighboring strands. Keep the braid smooth all the way down. I even have a special product that makes my braid-outs shiny and soft for at least 2 weeks. It is the SHEA MOISTURE MOUSEE from the Coconut Hibiscus line. 

This product has NEEM as an active ingredient. It works very well. This one product offers moisture, shine, and softness. The formula has not changed. I bought this for my hair over 5 years ago and I still repurchase it til' this day. In the comments let me know if you prefer braid-outs or twist-outs?? I am curious. Click on the colored text in the previous paragraph to try the mousse I love on your next braid-out.

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